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We want to help save lives

The opioid crisis has touched nearly every Kentuckian. In the last 10 years the number of Kentuckians who die from drug overdose has climbed to over 1,500 each year. We want to help lower that number by providing overdose prevention, awareness and response education to citizens all over the Commonwealth. This includes training on how to use the life saving drug, naloxone. At the end of our short training session, every participant 18 and older receives two-doses of naloxone nasal spray absolutely FREE!

If you go on to use the naloxone you receive at one of our events we would love to hear about it. On each box of naloxone we distribute is a bright yellow sticker with a unique code on it. Click on the Refill Prescription below and enter the code when prompted. You will be asked to answer a few questions and then watch a short video. As a thank you for letting us know how you used the naloxone we will send you a replacement at no charge!

As part of the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE), this naloxone is funded by SAMHSA Grant 1H79TI081704 awarded to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services with distribution coordinated by the Kentucky Pharmacists Association.

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